Claudia Thorne

Letter from Claudia Thorne

Dear CFLS Family:

The Community Family Life Services Board of Directors, staff, volunteers and supporters are honored to witness the power of healing in the lives of children, adults, and families. Providing human services is very complex, however, at its core, human services are about caring, compassion, and the power of human relationships. There is power in simplicity and our message today is simple: Lives are transformed through healing of the mind, the body, and the spirit.

At Community Family Life Services we believe that everyone who enters through our doors will be better off than when they arrived. This can transpire through a hot meal on a cold winter day; new clothes to keep warm; a safe place for a family who is escaping domestic violence to lay their heads; connecting to a caring adult who mentors you to excellence in the next phase of your life; or finally being clean and sober after many years of living on the street. And finally one day it all begins to come together. You are self sufficient – you are employed, educated, and you are a contributing member of society who is making our world a better place!

At Community Family Life Services we believe in the inherent good and the resilience of the human condition. We hold the high vision, and we provide both moral and tangible support, as well as encouragement for all who come in our care. We work to cultivate strong minds to think critically and make appropriate life choices; strong healthy bodies to do the work that needs to be done; and resilient spirits to overcome life challenges.

We ask you today to appreciate yourself for all that you have done to make so many dreams come true at Community Family Life Services and we ask you to continue to partner with us as we move forward with our mission of healing mind, body, and spirit.


Claudia Thorne